My name is Tyler Murphy and my primary blog is Game Delver. This blog represents my first creative attempt at writing a serialized piece. More specifically, its an epistolary fantasy story. The idea was largely born out of a collaboration with a dear friend of mine who honored my ideas and outlines with the beautiful piece of fantasy art you see now to your left.

The initial idea was actually an idea for a fantasy game. As a game, it would have entailed playing as the game’s primary character, a bard cursed with immortality, as he trains heroes to take down a great evil that had descended upon the land. Only, the heroes remain mortal, and their death would mean beginning all over again.

Despite the better part of my dreams, I am no game designer. I do pretend to be a writer, however, and this is my attempt at bringing this idea to the fullest realization I can give it.

Thanks for reading!